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Gym Renovation

St. Bernadette's CYO is asking for your support with our Gym Renovation project. Our gym has been a hub of activity, fostering physical well-being, teamwork, and a sense of community for students, and families alike. However, the wear and tear over the years have begun to impact the facility's functional and aesthetic appeal. We believe that a renovated gym will not only provide a refreshed and modern space for physical activities, but also contribute significantly to the overall well-being of our students. 

Through the generosity of a few donors, as well as some hard work by our volunteers, we have been able to complete phase one of our renovations. The gym has been completely repainted and new lighting has been installed. Your support will allow us to complete phase two of this project. Phase two includes the following upgrades:

  • Installation of collapsible bench seating for spectators 

  • Two new plexiglass backboards 

  • Hardwood floors renovation, including new painting of court with updated logo

  • Installation of new St. Bernadette's logo safety padding behind baskets

Please check out the video below with a rendering of what our fully renovated gym will look like!

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