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CYO Spring Sports Update

From the Archdiocese CYO:

(Updated 2/1/2021)


The CYO Office and Office of Catholic Education are happy to announce that Spring Baseball, Softball, and Track & Field have been permitted to begin their seasons on March 1, 2021.

Below are the overall guidelines that all programs will be required to adhere to. Additional guidelines may be implemented by the CYO Office and/or local leadership as needed.

       - Masks for all athletes, coaches and attendees are required at all times.

       - Each player may only have ONE spectator attend each game/practice/meet.

       - Social distancing will be required of everyone in attendance at CYO events.

       - Social distancing will be required for all athletes when not playing such as when watching from the bench during practices and            during competition.

       - In larger Regions, competition “pods” will be encouraged, which will keep 3-4 teams competing within their schedule until their          post-season play.

       - Any games or practices that are postponed due to rain will be cancelled, there will not be any space within buildings to support            practices

       - All players will be screened for symptoms before each practice and competition.

       - If a player tests positive for COVID, contact tracing will be utilized to determine exposure and the team(s) will quarantine for 2            weeks.


This promises to be a season unlike any one before. While there is still a lot of planning and scheduling to be done, we are as committed as ever to getting our children back on the field of competition. Spring Sports Registration will begin on February 8.


While in our preparation of the upcoming season, we have decided to waive the Family Fee for this season.

For any information about this season or general inquiries, please reach out to:

St Bernadette CYO - CYO@STBL.org

Bernie Stromberg, President - BJStromberg@gmail.com

Jason Otis - Jason_Otis@hotmail.com

Thank you.

St Bernadette CYO Board

Prayer of a Young Athlete

Good and gracious God, I thank You for all the gifts you give me every day, especially those that help me to be part of an athletic team. I pray that I will be a good and supportive teammate, and act with sportsmanship at practice and in competition. I ask You to bless my family, coaches, and teammates.